Furever Mine

This picture is literally the picture of her coming into my home for the very first time and this is what she did and how she looked at me.

I was recently divorced and living on my own with my dog Harper Lee. I had always wanted to be a foster dog mom … because, DOGS! I followed a lot of dog rescue non-profits on Instagram, and while scrolling through social media one night … Bella Mae’s story popped up and she was in immediate need of a foster. I don’t know what energy was pulling me towards this particular post, but I filled out an application online right then and there. I got approved a couple of days later, and Bella Mae was brought to me a couple days later from that point. She came in, jumped up on the couch and looked at me like “Hi! Will you pet me?”

I found out quickly that she was a major snuggler! All she wanted was love, to be petted, and to know that she wasn’t going to be left alone. I did all the things a foster dog mom is suppose to do when you already own a dog and bring a new one into the pack. Harper Lee wasn’t to keen on Bella Mae but that only lasted 72 hours. They have been the best brother and sister duo, and I wish I would’ve fostered sooner.
I was fostering Bella Mae and 2 months went by and I became a “foster fail”. I couldn’t let Bella Mae go, and I officially adopted her a few days before Christmas. She knew! She absolutely knew that she was being adopted and she was FURever mine. I, 100%, CANNOT imagine life without her; and I don’t think Harper Lee can imagine life without her. She is a gem. EVERYONE she comes into contact with is taken by her. They can’t get over the amount of love she gives and the calm demeanor she exudes with people.
Her Official Adoption Day Photo

In the picture of her kissing me while I am sitting down on the chair: That is THE DAY I officially adopted her, signed the papers, and took our picture together. I was telling her that she was officially adopted and mine FURever and that I loved her so much. She jumped up and licked me and licked me, hence me laughing so much in the picture.

She’s a diva and vocal about her meal times! She likes schedules, and will let you know when things are off schedule. She loves people and if I had to speak for her, I’d say her absolute FAVORITE thing is to be snuggled. She’s my shadow. She’s my snuggle bug. She’s my constant giver of love. She knows how to steal food on a counter and she knows how to get a mug of coffee down from any tabletop and gently bring it to the floor and drink it. She’s a sneaky one.

In her side by side picture: The picture on the left is the exact DAY she got rescued. She was living on a rural country road, chained up, and her “home” was a flipped upside down truck bed that was being held up by a piece of metal. The picture on the right is 6 months to the day from her being rescued and being fostered and adopted by me. HUGE DIFFERENCE! MAJOR life change for her and for me. That picture shows you right there how much of a life change can happen with the foster to adoption journey. I do not regret being a foster at all. She’s so happy!


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