Model Behavior

My name is Melis, and I’m a Dog Mom.  However 5 years ago I was just Melis, a midwest girl who was just married, working at a boutique, with a hair accessory business on the side, and felt like something in my life was missing.  So when my family moved to Texas, my husband and I thought, why not shake things up and move to the south…so that’s what we did.  We both settled into our jobs, yet something still wasn’t quite right. 

Then one day, while searching the SNIPSA website, I saw the most handsome face, and I knew right away that I had found what was missing.  It was our fur baby Henri Oliver and we soon became a little family of three.  We adopted H when he was about a year and a half old and because I had never had a dog, I was a little unsure of what to do, which made him a little unsure of me.  So our first year with H was full of ups and down.  He adored my husband, but wasn’t too sure how he felt about me, and we had quite a few medical issues come up, but through it all we slowly began to bond and now he is without a doubt my best friend…and definitely a mama’s boy!

He has taught me what it is to be completely selfless and to love and live in the moment.  He makes me laugh constantly and I can tell exactly what he’s thinking just by the way he looks at me.  He’s completely independent, totally sassy, and a true fashionista…which is how I know he’s definitely my fur baby.  I know it sounds totally cliche but we didn’t just rescue him, he rescued us.  He rescued me.  He makes me better, and stronger, and reminds me that sometimes you justneed some snuggles to make everything better.  He has brought so much happiness into my life and I am just so thankful that we found each other. 

He is also the inspiration behind my newest line, Camden Lane, which has handmade dog bandanas and cute tees for dog moms.  Henri is the perfect dog model and honestly makes everything I create look amazing…plus he seriously loves wearing accessories and clothes…I told you he was my child!  And $1 from every bandana sale is donated back to animal rescues because without a place like SNIPSA, I wouldn’t have H in my life, and that is something that I can’t even imagine.  

So while I am now Melis, a midwest girl navigating life in the south, married to her hot hubby, boutique manager, and girl boss, I think my fave title will always be, Dog Mom to Henri Oliver.